High and Low Dome Floor Stops

Tell Dome Door Stops are used primarily in commercial buildings. The door stop's base height is 1/8” low or 3/8” high to clear the bottom of most doors. The stops comes with mounting hardware for easy installation.
Floor Stops
  • Performance

    High and low dome styles

    Solid cast

    High dome for doors with thresholds

    Low dome without thresholds

  • Dimension

    High Dome:

    1-7/8" Diameter

    1-5/16" Height

    3/8" Base thickness

    Low Dome:

    1-7/8" Diameter

    1-1/8" Height

    1/8" Base thickness

  • Fasteners

    #12 1-1/2" Flat head wood screw with plastic anchor

    #12 1-1/2" Flat head metal screw with anchor

  • Finishes

    US26D – Satin Chrome

    US3 – Bright Brass

    US10B – Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • Riser

    1/2" High dome stop riser