Grade 2, Heavy Duty DB2000

The DB2000 Series is a grade 2 tubular, heavy duty deadbolt designed for superior security with a saw-resistant bolt with a 1” throw. Comes in double and single cylinder options in a satin stainless steel finish. The cylinder is a 6-pin solid brass keyway. Other finishes available.
  • Performance

    Complies with ANSI A156.5

    Grade 2, 150,000 cycles

  • Chassis

    Tubular, steel

  • Deadbolt

    1” housing diameter

    1” stainless steel throw with roller bar (added security from hacksaw or reciprocating saw)

    1” x 2-1/4”, faceplate

  • Latch

    2-3/8” to 2-3/4” Adjustable latch

    Optional Drive-In

  • Strike

    1-1/8” x 2-3/4”, square corner faceplate

  • Cylinder

    SCC – C keyway

    6-pin solid brass

    Keyed different (KD)

  • Keys

    Two nickel silver per lock cylinder

  • Door Range

    1-3/8” - 1-3/4”

  • Door Preparation

    2-1/8” diameter for bore

    1” diameter for bolt

    Fits standard 161 door prep

  • Warranty

    Lifetime limited

  • Keying

    6-pin cylinders, can be pinned to 5-pin.

  • Cylinder Options

    Arrow A (ARA), Corbin 59A1 (C059A1), Corbin 60 (C06), Corbin Russwin L4 (CL4), Options Kwikset (KW1), Russwin D1 (RD1), Sargent LA (SAL), Schlage E (SCE), Schlage F (SCF), Weiser E (WRE), Yale 8 (YA8), Yale GA (YGA) 

  • IC Keyway Cylinder

    Best A (BA), Best B (BB), Best C (BC), Best D (BD), Best E (BE), Best F (BF), Best G (BG), Best H (BH), Best J (BJ), Best K (BK), Best L (BL), Best M (BM), Best Q (BQ), Best U (BU), Black construction core (BLK), Less core (00), Not specified (XX)

  • Keying Options

    Grand Master Key (GMK), Construction Master Key (CMK), Master Key (MK), Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA), Interchangeable Core uncombinated (IC), 0-bitted (0BIT)