Grade 1 Commercial Duty 8400 Vertical Rod

The 8400 Series Exit Device is a grade 1 heavy-duty, aluminum vertical rod exit device with standard exterior pull plate. This exit device is suitable for metal or wood doors. It is fire rated up to three hours and fits 28” to 36” doors. The 8400 can be converted into a less bottom rod (LBR) if preferred.
  • Performance

    Complies with ANSI A156.3, 1994

    Grade 1

    UL/ULC listed

  • Rail

    Fits 28” to 36” or 36” to 48” doors

    Easily field sizable

  • Latch

    Pullman latch bolts top and bottom

    Stainless steel 1/2” throw

  • Backset


  • Strike

    Adjustable with slotted holes for adjustments

  • Cylinder

    SCC - C keyway

    6-pin solid brass

    Keyed different (KD) 

  • Fasteners

    Accommodates wood or metal doors

  • Door Range

    1-3/8” - 2”

  • Door Preparation

    Surface mounted

  • Warranty

    Lifetime limited

  • Exterior Trim

    Exterior pull blank or cylinder

    Ball knob trim

    Lever trim

    Thumbpiece trim with rim cylinder

    Escutcheon lever trim

  • Keying

    Options for Select Knob and Lever Trim

  • Cylinder Options

    Arrow A (ARA), Corbin 59A1 (C059A1), Corbin 60 (C06), Corbin Russwin L4 (CL4), Options Kwikset (KW1), Russwin D1 (RD1), Sargent LA (SAL), Schlage E (SCE), Schlage F (SCF), Weiser E (WRE), Yale 8 (YA8), Yale GA (YGA) 

  • Tell Cylinder

    Restricted Tell keyway cylinder can key both the cylinder and interchangeable core in one lock. The cylinders and IC?cores are interchangeable. Tell keyway cylinder is available only keyed to 6-pin. Tell IC cylinder can be keyed to 6-pin or 7-pin interchangeable core (IC)

  • IC Keyway Cylinder

    Best A (BA), Best B (BB), Best C (BC), Best D (BD), Best E (BE), Best F (BF), Best G (BG), Best H (BH), Best J (BJ), Best K (BK), Best L (BL), Best M (BM), Best Q (BQ), Best U (BU), Black construction core (BLK), Less core (00), Not specified (XX)

  • Keying Options

    Grand Master Key (GMK), Construction Master Key (CMK), Master Key (MK), Keyed Different (KD), Keyed Alike (KA), Interchangeable Core uncombinated (IC), 0-bitted (0BIT)